And it came to pass that, on the 1st January 2016, two mighty forces for original live music in Luton became one.

The original music programming and promoting teams from The Castle and PDM Music are pleased to announce that we will be working together as Luton Live/s Promotions.

Using Harveys at The Four Horseshoes and The Castle as our base venues, Luton Live/s Promotions will continue to bring the best possible gigs to Luton.

We will promote local bands by building line ups that will support them and be attractive to audiences. We will then pick the best venue for that line up to help make sure that bands are playing the best gig possible.

We want to get Luton back on the touring map. We will build on some test events held in 2015 to bring new, on the brink of breaking, touring bands to the town and use local bands as support acts. This will raise the profile of the town and give opportunities for local bands to play with, and learn from, bands that may be on the next level to them.

As well as putting on the gigs at our two venues we will continue to bring you the popular Days of Barefoot Freedom and CastleFest events.

Luton Live/s Promotions brings together teams with many years of experience of putting on gigs that cover all genres of music. We believe that by working together we can boost the local music scene more than we can working separately, we believe that we can bring bigger bands and audiences to gigs in Luton and we believe that we can give more support to our local bands.

If you want to play a Luton Live/s gig send your details to us at

If you want more information about Luton Live/s contact us at

And please like our Facebook page at

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